October 23, 2014


It looks as though NI are having a few issues with DAW compatibility on Apple’s new Yosemite OSX.

The company have released a statement today, which we have reproduced in full below.

“Native Instruments has conducted compatibility tests with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite which have shown current NI products to work without any specific issues under standard installations of this operating system.

However, products with a hardware dependency, such as MASCHINE, KOMPLETE KONTROL, TRAKTOR, GUITAR RIG, and Controller Editor will not launch when the AVID CoreAudioManager/Drivers are installed under 10.10 Yosemite. Native Instruments and Avid are working together to resolve this compatibility issue.

Native Instruments is currently conducting further systematic compatibility and performance tests with the release version of Yosemite, and will provide new information as it becomes available.”

It’s a good idea to hold off updating for another week or so. If you’ve already updated, you can revert back to Mavericks. Try the video below and if it doesn’t help, you can always contact Apple for help.

Apple Support: www.apple.com/au/support or ring: 1300 321 456


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